Wednesday, August 14, 2013


Today was one of the main reasons we came east. It was the day of Jon’s mom’s unveiling. For those who don’t know, an unveiling is literally the “unveiling” of the marker or tombstone on a grave, usually done around a year after the death.  No trip to a cemetery is ever easy. Memories come flooding back of the loved ones life and death. For some it marks the first visit to the grave since the funeral. For others, it’s the first time ever seeing the grave.  The whole family was there…sons, daughters-in-laws, grandchildren and even a great grand child. The cantor said and sung some prayers, the marker was unveiled, we reflected and then it was over. To commemorate the day, we all had brunch at one of Phyllis’s favorite restaurants on the water. And we took the wonderful pictures we always take when we’re together...all the grandchildren, and the three brothers.

The rest of the Boston part of the trip was the stuff of Kodak memories. Time spent at family’s houses, talking, laughing, and remembering.  Playing with Russell, the family’s newest and most adorable addition.  There were of course a couple of annoying, if not humorous events, such as the obnoxious lady who stole a parking spot from under our noses. Our hand gestures and choice words provided some needed solace.  There was the downpour we missed by seconds, where we were “stuck” in an ice cream store. Shucks. 

On Monday, Jon, Jess and I were tourists again. We walked the Boston Common and the Public Gardens.  We ate at a great diner in Beacon Hill, where I embarrassed Jessie by telling her to go save a table, where she was promptly shown a large sign on the wall telling the story of why they don’t allow saving tables.  Oops.

On Tuesday there was shopping on Newbury Street, Duck Boats and gorgeous views from The Top of the Hub. There was a baseball game at Fenway Park where we were lucky enough to sit in the Boston Herald box, and were treated to food, drink, great people, time on the field, & Jon meeting some of his heroes. Jon was our hero for arranging that special night.

And then, just like that, the trip to Boston that was a year in the making was over. Everyone was leaving to go back to their own lives.  But what wonderful memories we made in the short time we were there. Smiles and tears, miles disappear, together for a time…sublime.

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