Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Ode To The Regiment 2012 Seniors

Ode to the 2012 Regiment Seniors

Twas the morning of comp and all through the town
Backpacks were packed for lugging around
The uniforms hung in the semi with care
The shoes were all shined,
Yes, every last pair.

The Semi was loaded with pit, horns and drums,
Band moms were wiping the last sandwich crumbs.
The coolers were packed, they were ready to go
Time to perform once again this year’s show.

From band camp through practices three nights a week
To 8 hour Saturdays perfecting technique.
And just when they thought they had it all down,
Mr. Peter decided to change things around!

The truck dads were ready, orange shirts all aglow
Time to push the equipment for yet one more show.
From out of the semi through paths of great length
Up cardiac mountain, lord give us strength.

The show was all set, time to march on the field
The hash marks were noted, eyes were kept peeled,
Drum Major’s salute, the crowd gives a cheer,
The opening notes ring out crystal clear!

The music, the marching, the flags and the sound
All come together in ways that astound!
And all too quickly our season is done
And the seniors realize this is the last one.

You’d think they’d enjoy their new-found free time
To catch up on work, and to sleep…ah sublime.
But their conversations are usually about
When the next time is that they all can hang out.

The friendships made here will last through the years
Sweet music to Peter’s, Danielle’s and G’s ears.
As this regiment season fades slowly from sight,
We salute all the seniors, and to all a good night.

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