Saturday, April 13, 2013

A Gift "Rap" For Family & Friends

In this world that’s so crazy, making your mind hazy with everything we’re supposed to do and to feel, not knowing what’s real, while we try to deal with our latest ordeal. 
While the news skews, and gives us their views and we try to diffuse the horrors that our minds can not grasp…we gasp as we try to clasp onto those who can hold us up, who can keep us from going under, from being torn asunder and we wonder and worry and hurry to keep up with it all. Don’t fall. Don’t stall. You may hit the wall. And then?

You may have to stop. Just drop the latest techno prop and swap it for some actual face time.  Find your partner in crime and walk…talk…breathe.  Find your friends and cleanse your soul. Make yourself whole. Unwind, and find your peace of mind.  
Let yourself smile, if just for awhile, and then you’ll find yourself better equipped to come to grips with the script of your life that you write. 
Find the ones who brighten your sight, and make everything all right. 

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