Wednesday, August 7, 2013

The Beal's Go To Boston...and New Jersey...and NY

We're off on that iconic ritual of summer...the family vacation. No relaxing in an all-inclusive Mexican paradise for us.  We're going east to see family! The first leg of our journey will begin at the ungodly hour of 4am, when we have to wake up and leave for the airport. Jon is in the habit of booking very early morning flights, and also needing to be at the airport very early.  Jess loves this too...beautiful sunrise, no traffic, breakfast in some no name cafeteria at the airport.  Me...not so much.

I plan on going to sleep at 8pm tonight, so I can function tomorrow.  Or so I both...getting to sleep early, and functioning.  Because after we land, we have to get our bags, get a car, drive to Boston's South Station and pick up Adam who is train-ing it in from NY, get to Temple Israel, somewhere in Boston, for my (grand) nephew's baby naming, go back to my niece's house for a family dinner, and finally check into a nearby hotel to collapse.  My fear is that said hotel will give our room away because we can't check in until very late. Jon assures me this will not happen. I assure him it better not. This is all also assuming that everything will go according to plan...which is of course terribly logical on a Friday afternoon in Boston.  Not.

After we get through tomorrow, it's smooth sailing.  Lots of wonderful plans, ranging from beaches, to museums, shopping, baseball games, seeing more family & friends, lunches and dinners...all of  which will also surely go seamlessly,  given that there are 15 people involved in said plans, ranging from age 6 months to 65 years. Piece of cake!  

After 5 relaxing (!) days in Boston, we'll continue onto New Jersey for more visits with family and friends. This portion of the trip does not involve a cast of thousands. A little quieter and more relaxing few days. I hope.  I anticipate lots of stimulating conversation, restful hours with the dog curled up at my feet, a dip in the hot tub, a game or two of billiards, some wonderful home cooked, gourmet meals, and alot of wine...not necessarily in that order. 

We'll end up in NYC for the last leg of our journey, our own immediate family unit of 4, cramming in whatever we can do or see in 2 days, and not looking like tourists as we're doing it.  Piece of cake.

In all seriousness, we haven't been east in quite awhile, and even then, it was not for the happiest of occasions.  So we're so looking forward to this trip, spending lots of quality time with both our families, who we cannot wait to see.  I'm also looking forward to writing about our escapades...with a caveat to family and friends who may be victims of my warped sense of humor. It is all written with love.

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